The lawyer Giorgi Oniani found guilty. Oniani was detained in the courtroom. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison.Giorgi Oniani was charged with several articles, including illegal detention, abuse of power and falsification of evidence.36-year-old Giorgi Oniani is a member of the National Movement. From 2014 he was chairman of Isani district organization of the United National Movement and a majoritarian MP candidate in Vazisubani. Besides, he has been protecting former defense minister Bachana Akhalaia for years and was his lawyer before starting his political career.As for the cases for which Giorgi Oniani was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment, the Prosecutor’s Office was accused of two episodes of crime during his work in the Interior Ministry.According to the investigation, in one case Giorgi Oniani illegally detained Davit Shatirishvili, manager of “Dato Prints” for the “Georgian Dream” logo masks in 2011 and charged him with drug trafficking. According to the investigation, the same scenario was also detected by another member of “Georgian Dream” Levan Mdinaradze, nicknamed DJ “Rembo”.The famous DJ Levan Mdinaradze was arrested by the police on October 17, 2011. According to the current information, Mdinaradze was detained only because of the “Georgian Dream” embroidered tiffs, but according to official information, after the arrest of the Interior Ministry, the MIA released information that Rembo was arrested for drug buying. DJ was an active supporter of “Georgian Dream” and a close friend of Bidzina Ivanishvili’s rapper son Bera Ivanishvili. In addition, Mdinaradze was friends with Kakha Kaladze, the newly elected Mayor of Tbilisi.The detained friend Bera Ivanishvili even dedicated the song: “We can not make all the dreams come true, what we give to each other, love and loyalty, it’s alien to you …” REMBO, Levan, we’re with you! ”As for another victim, Oniani was sentenced to imprisonment, Davit Shatirishvili, former manager of “Duo-Print”, calls her detention politically motivated and recalls:“On October 7, Bidzina Ivanishvili announced that he was going to come into politics and I was cooperating with him.” DUO-PRINT “was printed on T-shirts and we had to carry out banners, so my detention took place.” Giorgi Oniani was a well-known zander and I was instructed to arrest him. He came to Chughureti territory and operated there, and he was absurd Ashauli what I dambralda, and I want to find out the community to know that I am not guilty, guilty of the people who arrested me. Judge and-0: 06The Prosecutor’s Office knows very well who is guilty. The truth is on my side, “Davit Shatirishvili said.We remind you that the lawyer Giorgi Oniani was sentenced to 5 years in prison.